Interested in participating in the Liturgical Music Beta Testing program? Just fill out our contact form.

The liturgical music beta testing program has a twofold purpose: to help refine liturgical compositions before they are published and to allow liturgical musicians to have access to this music years before it might become available in a published collection.

Each PDF score in the beta testing program will be marked with an expiration date after which that PDF score and any copies made from it may no longer be used and should be destroyed. If you wish to continue using the music in an expired PDF, you must download and updated version of the PDF (if available), or you must obtain a licensed copy of that work. Most expiration dates will be longer than a year so that you have sufficient time to program, rehearse, and use the piece for a particular day or liturgical season.

As the composer, I may occasionally send out an email to the participants in the beta testing program. I may request feedback about a certain piece or even ask if anyone has made a recording of a certain piece that they can send to me so that I can hear how the piece is working in different parishes.

By downloading and using any of this music being beta tested, you agree:

  • to use only PDF scores and copies of this music that are in date
  • to ensure that the full copyright notice appears in all copies that are made of this music
  • to destroy copies of outdated versions of this music
  • to be willing to offer feedback about any of the pieces you have used
  • to be willing (upon request) to send me a simple recording of any of the pieces you have used
  • that if you would like to continue using a piece of music after the PDF score has expired, you will either download an updated PDF (if it is available), or if the piece is published, you will purchase licensed copies of the music.

Sample of Music in the Beta Testing Program

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Wedding Rite Acclamation
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